Budget-Wise Family Activity: Strawberry Picking

Whenever I am off from work, I’ve always wanted to do any outdoor activities with my family. Therefore we went unplanned to Downey’s Farm. From our place, it took us 15minutes by drive. For whatever reason, and with God’s grace, the admission was free on that day, which is usually 5 dollars per person.

Me and my greatest treasures

Right at the entrance, we took a tractor ride and drove us to the strawberry field. We passed by the apple farm where you could see each row labeled with the different apple types. The apples should be ready to be picked by August.

Daddy is about to take pictures of us here (“,) Behind him are the various types of small apple trees.

After about 5 minutes ride, we got to the strawberry farm, and we started picking. I told my dad that he could eat them for free, but we have to pay for the ones in the buckets. Hence my kids and my dad ended up eating a lot. (“,)

The strawberry cost was $3.00 per pound. We paid $23 for one full basket and a half plus the two buckets that we bought (1.50 each)
My kids and my dad enjoyed it, and I’m pleased they did. We’ll come back next time for apples! (“,)


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