ilove_milktea’s Top 3 Milk Tea Shops

People always put smiles on their faces when I tell them my email address.
“That’s a cute email.” “Do you love milk tea? I love milk tea too!” (“,)

Milk tea (Tsan Tsu Nai Cha, Booba Tea or Bubble Tea) is a very popular drink originated in Taiwan, the first country I have ever been, and the place where I created my personal email address (Taipei, Taiwan).

When I first came to Canada, I could hardly find any milk tea shops in my area, maybe it was not that popular back then, but now they are everywhere!

Out of 8 places, there are the 3 tea houses where I go for milk tea.

3. Real Fruit Bubble Tea

Got this one for FREE and another one for my next visit!(“,)
Menu name: Original Black Milktea with Tapioca Location: Bramalea City Centre

I have been their customer for a long time. Good things about this store?1. It is cheaper. 2. You can also get a stamp for each drink you order and get one free drink on your 9th visit. The taste was not so authentic but it satisfies my craving.

2. Chatime

Name on Menu: Chatime Pearl Milk Tea
Location: 150 West Dr. Brampton

I used to drive down to Mississauga just for it. I’m glad they opened one in Brampton where I usually go now once or twice a month. Even the staff already knows me and they know my order. I line up, chitchat, and pay.

Chatime has a genuine taste of it!

1. Coco Fresh Tea and Juice

Menu name: Pearl Milk Tea Location: Bramalea City Centre

This shop is inside the mall. If you are a Chatime fan, you should give this one a try! Their Pearl Milk Tea has a lovely aroma. When I first tried it, I already knew it is authentic! So I googled it. I discovered that besides Chatime, Coco Fresh Tea is also a Taiwan franchise company.

I love Chatime and Coco Fresh Tea and Juice. I cannot tell which is better. Maybe you should try and help me decide, lol.

ILOVE_MILKTEA simply because it’s delicious,healthy and refreshing!

For milk tea lovers like me, please don’t over consume it (“,)

Any tea house recommendations? I would love to go and try it!

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