$898 All-inclusive 7 days/6 nights. Is it really worth it ?

I was really skeptical about it since there are so many sites offering massive vacation deals but thanks to Kuya Rommel, who referred me to his travel agent.

The cost of the package that we purchased from a Go Fly Cancun was $898USD. The great thing is that the customer service agents are Filipinos. It’s a plus for me as I can express myself better!haha!

Ocean Spa Hotel provided us a shuttle service to pick us up from the airport to the hotel. 3 weeks before the flight the hotel called and gave the instruction/ information where the shuttle service agent will meet us, the description of the location and the person to meet.

My hubby enjoying his drink. Bar opens at 11am. And yes, its unlimited drinks!

Swimming time!

My kids enjoying the ocean view from here (Sunset Marinara Golf and Spa Resort)

Going back to the airport was not part of the all-inclusive. I was told that the transportation company gets busier. They suggested to book it earlier so they could pick us up 3.5 hours before our flight. The transportations service cost us $60 dollars which I thought was pretty expensive. On the 3rd day of our vacation, I met a Filipino lady and she told me that I should have called a taxi as they would only charge me $20 dollars. DARRNNN!!! $40 just slipped away!

(Our 2-bed suite, with a swimming pool and an ocean view from the patio)

There are vendors selling keepsakes inside the resort. Also, there are a lot of souvenir stores outside where you can get them for lower prices. I got ours from the resort because we have kids with us and it wouldn’t be fun if we get lost. So I just asked for a cheaper price. I am that person who likes to bargain. Lol

The souvenirs : T-shirts: all $32.00 Frame: $5.00 Fridge magnet, and display items: 4 for $10.00 ( I gave away 1 to a friend)

Sea shells collected by Percy and Pria

3 Bonus certificates

Bonus packages- Check the website goflycancun.com for the packages available. I believe that they are only giving 1 bonus destination package but I must say we are fortunate for getting 3 bonuses: Cruise Vacation for 2, Orlando Florida for 4, and the Dream Vacation package for 6people (hotel/resort accommodation for a week, almost anywhere in the world).
I am not a part of the company, I can only refer. (“,) I got the same package for my sister and my cousin who are going this year. I’m so excited for them!!

I honestly think that our vacation experience was really amazing, with our without the bonuses. We have enjoyed our stay, the services were awesome, the delicious food, the dance presentations, the soothing ambiance, .. everything!

I fell in love with Cancun and I am still looking forward to going back.

2 thoughts on “$898 All-inclusive 7 days/6 nights. Is it really worth it ?

    1. Hi cbholganza , the package does not include the flight. The $898 is the accomodation for 7 days and 6 nights in Cancun, and it’s good for 2 adults and kids are free under 12yrs old. We travelled from Toronto, Canada. Our flight ticket for 2adults and 2kids was 980USD. Are you planning to travel too?

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